The Best Title Company I have EVER worked with...

World Wide Land Transfer!

I have asked World Wide Land Transfer to assign a personal liaison to work with any HoanZone guest. Whether you're in my coaching program or you simply follow me on social media you get full access to my guy on the inside, Chuck. So if you want the royal treatment message him and let him know you're with the HoanZone group.

Charles "Chuck" Nowicki, CTLP, NTP who is a Certified Land Title Professional (Highest professional designation in PA) and a National Title Professional (Highest professional designation from the American Land Title Association, nationwide)

Email: [email protected]

I currently run all of my transactions through them. What I love most about working with WWLT is the personal attention I get. When I am working with a distressed seller sometimes the file needs a bit more attention to detail. Having WWLT on my team allows me to iron out all of the kinks & close the deal very quickly.

I personally have done novation deals, subject-to deals, been the lender on projects, borrowed from private money lenders on purchases, bought properties seller financed, and worked out probate situations with World Wide Land Transfer. They are my go-to title company for everything involving real estate. 

 Check the map below for the states you're investing in.

Email Chuck to learn more[email protected]