Welcome to the Rental Property Multiplier program. It is currently in its “beta” phase which is good news for you. It means it will be designed with you in mind. The curriculum we will be based around what you specifically need in your business and what you need to learn. Also by being an early adopter you’ll have more personalized attention that will speed up the development of your business.

There are lots of things we will do in this program and they can be boiled down into three main things:

1) Mastery of knowledge (knowing every detail of the strategies you’ll be using to buy properties. Also how to structure your business so it operates in a systematic way that reduces potential loss, maximizes profits, and do it all in a time-efficient way),

2) Building up your resources (adding team members, access to capital, and having deal flow),

3) Feedback loop (having people to discuss what you’re working on so you’re not just taking random action and wasting time)

What ultimately will come from you participating in this program is the ability to build a multimillion dollar rental property business that will allow you to create the life you want. This does NOT mean you have to quit your job, but you could. This program will help you build a rental portfolio that "prints" money for you WITHOUT much input from you. We're not trying to create another job here. As a member you’ll have access to the content & meetings as long as you need until you build your dream portfolio.


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